An International Fish Biology and Fisheries Society

We provide opportunities for our members to access monetary grants, PhD scholarships, internships and training within the fish biology and fisheries field.

The FSBI Annual Symposium 2024

15th -19th July, Bilbao

WHO we are

The FSBI is an international, non-political, learned society based in the United Kingdom, that supports scientific activity in fish biology and fisheries science through charitable activities including grant funding, travel awards and conference sponsorship, and through the publication of the Journal of Fish Biology.

Membership is open to anyone interested in these objectives.

We are constantly trying to improve the society to make it more accessible and valuable to our members, to find out more about our current plans for progress click here >>

Member benefits

We have a range of benefits for members at every career stage from undergraduates to retired society members. Below is a selection of the many member benefits we offer.

Travel Grant Funding

Members can apply to get up to £1500 in travel money for conferences and FSBI approved events.

Research Grants

Student or Retired members can apply for funding to undertake novel research.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Postdoctoral members can apply for up to £20,000 for research that facilitates international mobility of expertise.

PhD studentships

Members can apply for a fully funded PhD position. Paid the same as a NERC position with a £1000 supplement and annual consumable funds.


Undergraduate members can apply for a summer internship with an institution. We also  cover the accommodation cost and contribute to any research costs.

Training Grants

Our members can apply for funding towards a training course that is related to their work in fish biology and/or fisheries.

Our membership

Our membership is managed by the RSB portal on our my.fsbi subdomain, to buy membership you will first need to make a account then select which membership option you want.

Click one of the sign up buttons below the membership options to take you to our my.fsbi member portal.

Basic Membership


  • Eligibility to apply for funding opportunities
  • 50% discount to RSB membership
  • Discount on our symposium tickets
  • AGM vote
  • Quarterly Newsletter

Journal Membership


Includes basic membership +

  • Monthly copy of the Journal of Fish Biology (online access)

Student Journal Membership



Includes basic membership + Journal membership +

  • Student Discount Price
  • Option to have Joint Membership with the IFM at no extra cost!


Who can become a FSBI member?

We are an international community and registered charity that celebrates diversity and inclusion and have members from over 32 countries. We welcome anyone who is passionate about fish and fisheries biology to join our society. Becoming an undergraduate member of the FSBI will not only benefit your access to recent papers but will also enhance your CV and provide you with many opportunities to get involved with the scientific community. We also provide summer Internship opportunities for our undergraduate members at a chosen academic institution. We even pay for your accommodation costs!


What is the Joint FSBI-IFM Membership?

This will give student members of either organisation access to the student services of the other at no extra cost. This is an optional sign up you can select for the student journal membership.

What does it give you? 

  • Discounted rates for both FSBI and IFM events
  • Ability to apply for FSBI and IFM funding
  • Increased networking and career support opportunities

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Who can I contact to find out more?

We have our own dedicated membership support member who can be contacted on the phone at 02039253477 or by email: [email protected]

For specific grant based inquiries you can also contact the appropriate council member found on our About page.


How do I renew my membership?

We will send you a email reminder before your membership expires with a link to renew your membership. If you need a reminder of when your membership will run out please email [email protected]



Since 1977, the highlight of each year has always been our amazing annual symposium. Next year's symposium is hosted by AZTI in Bilbao July 2024.


May 22, 2024

FSBI medal winners 2024

October 13, 2021

The FSBI’s COP26 letter

Read Our Quarterly Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter, edited and put together by Professor Paul Hart, gives you a summary of all the wonderful news and updates from the society and our members.

If you would like to contribute to the newsletter please get in contact with Paul ASAP. Click Here to Email Paul

Congratulations to this Year's FSBI Medal Winners

Each year, the FSBI awards medals for lifelong individual contributions to fish biology and/or fisheries science, with a focus on ground-breaking research; for lifelong individual or team contributions to conservation, training or public understanding of the disciplines; and for individual exceptional advances in early career within these disciplines.

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Beverton Medal

Prof Skúli Skúlason

The Beverton Medal is awarded to an individual in recognition of ground-breaking research and lifelong contribution to the study of fish and fisheries science.

For more than three decades Skúli Skúlason has devoted his research activity to asking some of the most fundamental questions in biology. How does diversity arise? What are the mechanisms that drive the very earliest stages of divergence? A combination of

elegantly crafted laboratory based experimental studies and a comparative approach in the field use naturally rapidly diverging fish populations to understand the evolutionary patterns found in nature, most notably using Arctic charr and the three-spined stickleback from his native Iceland. Skúli’s theoretical framework, and empirical testing of that framework, contributed considerably to the general shift in the acceptance that evolutionary divergence can occur in sympatry.

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Dr Peter A Henderson

The Le Cren medal is awarded to one or more individuals who have made a lifelong contribution, with a focus on conservation, training or public understanding.

Peter has had a major impact on fish conservation globally over the last 30 years. Through his role as an environmental consultant for NGOs including the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), the Sierra Club, and Surfers against Sewage, he has helped protect fish populations and provided expert advice to many local conservation organisations concerned about impacts of power plants, dams, desalination plants, water extraction and sewage discharges. He has acted as an expert witness on energy and port industries in both Europe and North America, and in the Peruvian Amazon he supported indigenous tribal nations whose rivers and streams were being exploited for mining. He played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Mamirauá Sustainable Development reserve in the Upper Amazon in Brazil ( ) which is now the largest freshwater nature reserve in the world, and he has played a pivotal role in training future generations of fish biologists through multiple books.

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Dr. Michael Grant

The Huntingford medal is awarded to a member of the society with the most impactful paper published in in the Journal of Fish Biology.

Michael Grant’s research focuses on conservation of threatened species in low income developing nations. Michael research uses a range of fisheries, conservation, and social science methods to understand the conservation status, threats, and uses and values of threatened species to local resources users in complex livelihood contexts. Of particular interest to Michael is the conservation of non-marine sharks and rays. Michael has conducted major research expeditions in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia to collect information for future conservation planning of these overlooked species. Recently, Michael’s research has explored the use of vertebral chemistry to better understand the life history of non-marine sharks and rays, providing promising results for improved ageing and ecological applications. Within the shark conservation community, Michael is an active member of the IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group and is vice president of the Sawfish Conservation Society. 

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Dr. Erika J Eliason

The FSBI medal is awarded to an early career scientist who is deemed to have made exceptional advances in the study of fish biology and/or fisheries science.

Erika is a physiologist best known for her work on salmonids and their plight along the west coast of North America, with her work routinely cited in management policy, but her research papers span tropical fish biology to polar species, and elasmobranchs to model fish. She has been at the forefront of integrating physiology into other disciplines of fish biology including fisheries management, fish behaviour, biotelemetry, and conservation, and has pushed the boundaries of these fields by embracing new technology and methods including heart rate biologging methods, new surgical techniques, and field respirometry methods, and she has brought her physiological perspective to teams formed from ecologists, wildlife biologists and computational modelers. Her expertise in these areas is evidenced by the additional roles she holds within the fish biology community including being a specialist panel member of the IUCN salmonid specialist group, the editor of a number of book series in fish physiology.

Check Out our New YouTube Series: Inside the FSBI!

Explore how our society works and the experiences of some of our members, grant winners and medalists!

FSBI Membership partners

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Created in 1969 in the UK, the IFM is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable fisheries management. Like the fsbi, they are a non-profit organisation managed by an elected council. Our members are fisheries managers from research bodies, fishing and angling organisations, water companies, fish farms and educational institutions.