Everyone adore tangerines! They are juicy, tasty and above all they are healthy. Although you love them because of their rich taste, you also must appreciate them for their wide range of health benefits. Some of those health benefits are: boosting the immune system, fighting with inflammation, providing proper function of the lungs and some others.

Here we are going to tell you how to provide yourself an endless supply of this amazingly tasty fruit. You can plant it in the garden or in a pot, it’s your choice. We will guide you, so that you learn how to do the planting properly.



If you decide to plant the tangerine in a pot, take some medium sized that has holes in the bottom. These holes are there for drainage. It’s recommended you use organic soil. Also use a bit of sand on the ground to enable better ventilation.

After you do this, you should throw the tangerine seeds on different places in the pot and cover them with the soil. While doing that, you must try not to push them to hard with and into the soil. This fruit love heat, so that is why you are going to place the pot on a direct sunlight.

Additional Tips:

  • For better results you can use high quality fertilizer.
  • When you see that the soil is dry, you must water it.

We recommend you try this if you are a fan of the tangerines because you will have pesticide-free tangerines, and you will sure enjoy eating them.