There is a condition that is called the Dowager’s Hump or kyphosis, and is very common in people because it’s a result from bad sitting posture. Not many people know how to sit right, or even if they do, it’s more comfortable to relax and sit in a C position, than to sit straight.

Long hours on the phones, laptops and other things contribute to gaining different forms of lumps on the top of your back.


The question is how can you eliminate kyphosis

It’s been shown that women are more inclined to suffer from this condition, and common cause for it, is obesity. The main thing is that you can reverse it, with only a pinch of your time.

Here are shown 2 exercises which can reverse this condition.

  1. Circular movement on the shoulders

Streighten your back pointing with your foot. Your arms should be hanging and then you should start by moving your shoulders in circular motion, for about 3-5 minutes. You can do the exercise separately with each shoulder.

  1. Streach your arms and legs

In a crawling position, you just need to stretch one of your legs and one of your arms straight. Keep them like that for 10 seconds and put them down. Then, do the same thing with the opposite limbs. You can do this 10-20 times, regarding your possibilities.

You can start with 10 and continue by doing more thanks to the increase of your strength. This way you will strength and stretch your muscles.