You all must know that washing your teeth is not only important for having white teeth, but also having health teeth, and as a result of that, healthy organs. Keep them under great hygiene and wash them as much as you can if you want to keep your teeth in good shape.


In a case in which you don’t know how to keep your teeth white and clean except of using a toothpaste, we are here to help you. A simple solution that will fix the yellow teeth problem and clean your teeth without damaging them is real, and based on activated charcoal. You might find it unbelievable and in-spite what your reason tells you, first read this article and then make a decision.

The only problem with this method is that it can become messy if your don’t watch out while implementing it. The great thing about it is that it will kill bacteria that is present in gingivitis and tooth decay.

If you are hesitating whether to try it or not, stop it! Take the ingredients and make yourself believe that you can have the white teeth of an actor or an actress.

Try this Trick to Whiten Yellow Teeth

What you should do:

  • Take 2 tablets of activated charcoal and break them in order to turn them into a powder.
  • Mix the powder with a spoon of water and you will gain a paste.
  • With a toothbrush, brush your teeth with this mixture and leave it on for 2-3 minutes.

At the end, just rinse your teeth with water and smile with your mouth wide open.

Do not use this mixture as a replacement of toothpaste, and don’t use it on a daily basis. Do the brushing with the activated charcoal from time to time and you will see how great effects it will bring to your teeth.