Stomach fat or any other fat acumulated on some body part is a common issue nowadays that concerns young and older people on a daily basis. It causes them shame because they feel uncomfortable in their own body. Is there something that can be done? Of course there is, because we are talking about an issue that although it can cause more serious health problems, it can be eliminated with a bit of effort.

You can remove the fat from every part of your body, only if you have the will to do it. Thanks to the effort and persistence you will invest, the result will be more than great. Actually you won’t need much an effort, just a big will to burn those calories and fat  that change your look completely.


  1. A glass of purified water
  2. Freshly squeezed lemon juice from 1 lemon
  3. A bunch of finely chopped parsley


Take your blender and blend the parsley. Then add the lemon juice with water in it, and blend again so that you mix these ingredients with previously blended parsley. When you do this, you are over and you can turn yourself into the consumption part, that is as easy as the preparation part.

The consumption includes you drink the drink for 6 days and then pause for the next ten.  The period is not too long, and if it’s followed  by healthy eating and walking, the body will expel all the toxins and the fat will be diminished.

Only in a 6 days you will be able to notice surprisingly superb results.