There is a small percentage of people who love spiders, and a big one that are afraid to death and don’t want to see spiders  anywhere near them. The problem is even bigger when a person lives near trees where usually there are a lot of them. If you despise these creatures, or you are just afraid of them, we recommend you some simple and healthy solutions that don’t include chemically filled sprays that cost a lot.

Here are the natural spider repellents:

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruit is the perfect way to repel the spiders and keep them out of your house. Just squeeze a few drops from the fruit in the corners of your house and you will expel them quickly because they hate this smell and taste.


Just take cedar and put it in your closets, garder and cupboards.

White vinegar

For this purpose you need to mix white vinegar with 2 parts of water, and the best place to do this is in a spray bottle. This is due to the most easy appliance of this repellent that you should spray around your home.

Peppermint essential oil

It’s a well known fact that spiders don’t like the smell of peppermint essential oil. You just need to mix 8 drops  with some water and liquid dish soap, in order to obtain the solution that is actually the repellent. Spray from the repellent in the corners of your rooms. If the natural repellent is not effective as you wish it was make  it more concentrated by adding 8 more drops in it.


You may find this weird but it’s completely true that spiders hate the scent of  chestnuts, walnuts and horse chestnuts. Take some of these nuts and put them on the windowsills.

Keep it clean

The best way, logically is to keep your house always clean!