There are some foods that you must avoid regardless how much tasty they are and you love to eat them. The reason is very obvious, it’s protecting your life and health.  The followings are some of the foods that you should definitely avoid, whenever you can and as much as you can.


It’s really bad when you know that something as good as popcorn can be harmful for your health.  It’s shown throughout many researches that they can bring different health issues. The tasty popcorns made in the microwave can be carcinogenic and they can provoke liver damage and weakening of the immune system.



Have you ever heard about the BPA? If you have not, it’s a chemical that is being used for producing plastics and resins.

Do you know about the BPA in the inside of the can. Well the BPA is placed in the inside of the can so that the liquid and the metal inside do not touch.

It imitates the estrogen in our organism and it connects it with the same receptors such as female hormones that can be damaging.  The mentioned BPA has the power to disturb our hormones, and by that be the reason for obesity, cancer, infertility and other health issues.


When you consume vegetable oil, the oil changes the structure and membranes in your body and that is the cause for many illnesses, and among them cancer. You should know that the vegetable oil is consisted of 98% monounsaturated and saturated fat, and the organism needs fat so that the cells can be renewed. The big BUT here is that you must consume healthy unsaturated fats, that are not producing free radicals like the unhealthy ones, and that way you will avoid premature aging.


Some studies showed that there is a connection between the refined carbohydrates and development of one very serious and deadly disease – cancer.

So, the conclusion would be to avoid these and many other foods about which you know that they can’t bring anything good, but on the contrary only problems and more problems.