After reading this article you will sure save the seeds from avocado, because the next time you will eat it, you will know a magnificent trick how to grow your own avocado tree. This fruit is very delicious and has a numerous health benefits. Many people actually eat the avocado because of the health properties, but others eat it because it has an amazing flavor, aroma and delicious taste.

Anyway, if you want to know how to grow an avocado at home, no matter the reason, stay here, because you are one step away to find out.


Here’s the procedure:

  1. Extract the Seed

Take the seed out of the fruit without cutting it and clean it well from the fruit. Be very careful because you mustn’t damage the brown sheath.

  1. Pierce the Seed

Find the bottom and the top of the seed, and open your eyes while doing this because it’s important.  The bottom is immersed and sprouts roots.

  1. Soak the Seed in Water

Then attach the toothpicks to the seed (slightly angled) and place it on a glass full of water. The lower part should be submerged in water.

  1. Let the Seed Sprout

By the time of 3 to 6 weeks the seed will crack and it will start to sprout. Another thing that will happen during this time is that the root will begin to appear. When the stem grows about 5 inches, pinch out the top set of leaves so that in some time new leaves come out and there are more roots.

  1. Trim the Sprout

The trimming is advised after the sprout grows 6-7 inches. By trimming it in half you will enable new and better growth.

  1. Plant

The final step is to transfer the plant into a bigger pot. Make a hole and do the planting. It’s important to flood the soil so that you get the fruit after some time.