Drinking lemon water is great and bring a lot of health benefits, but this is sure familiar to you. A thing that you most probably haven’t heard about are health benefits of frozen lemon.  Lemons contain lemonoids that have the ability to prevent tumor and stop its progression.

They are especially effective in treating breast tumor. You must know that the lemon has ten times more vitamin supplements than  a real juice!

The lemon will detoxify your body and will kill the worms, parasites, bacteria that can harm your health. The components of the lemon are also suitable for dealing with stress and depression.

All the above mentioned is referring to eating the whole lemon with its rind, and not only drinking the lemon juice. By eating the whole lemon you will get all the benefits that lemon has to offer.

If you want to use all the health properties of the lemon you should do the following. First of all, cut the lemons that were previously cleaned well. Secondly, you should put them in the freezer and leave them there until they freeze. When couple of hours have passed and the lemons are frozen, you can grate them.

At the end put the grated lemons in your salad or eat them like that.