One of the most common lifelong health condition is diabetes. This health condition makes life much more difficult for those who suffer from it. This condition can be described as too much glucose in the blood of a person, and the reason is that the pancreas that can’t produce enough insulin. And the problem comes from here, because the body doesn’t have the needed amount of insulin to keep blood glucose in normal levels.


Although this condition can’t be completely cured, and the diabetes will always be there, there are many things that a person can do, so that it controls diabetes and don’t let it to make damage, and by that live a normal  life.

You know that many people are dealing with this condition by taking insulin, but before that, there is no harm to try something more natural that can also produce magnificent results.

If you use insulin, the following treatment might help you lower the doses you are taking and stimulate your pancreas to work. With this treatment you will succeed to remove the excess fluid and normalize the blood sugar level.

Needed ingredients:

  • One leek with roots
  • 2 l bottle of mineral water


For start, wash the leek together with the roots as we said. Second thing that you have to do is to put the leek into the bottle of mineral water in order to let them stay there for 1 whole day. The next day, you are advised to start with the consumation of the liquid instead of drinking water. Drink the whole liter and if something is left then drink it the next day.