Many people are dealing with constipation. Statistics have shown that one of  10 people  suffers from irregular bowel movement caused by various factors such as: ageing, improper diet, lack of physical activity, small amount of water intake, and many other reasons. Moreover, constipation may also be a result of another health problem and that is why if it’s repeating you must consult your doctor.


In the following article we will tell you about  a homemade remedy that is proven to be an effective solution for treating the annoying and horrible health issue- constipation. Many people claim that this remedy has cured serious cases of constipation problems.


  • 150 g pitted dates
  • 150 g prunes
  • 5 mugs of boiled water


As first, chop the dates and prunes in small pieces and add them in boiling water(5 cups). Cook these 2 until the jam becomes dense.  There are not restrictions in consuming. Consume it for breakfast, combined with cereals, yogurt or something else you like.

Prunes are an excellent source of fibers and they are rich in sorbitol which has the ability to loosen the stool, and relieve you from constipation in just a few hours.

In addition to this treatment, it’s recommended for you to consume lemon water as it will soften the stool.