A lot of people from different age and gender have experienced and are experiencing the pain caused by kidney stones. The pain is most often present in the lower part of the abdomen and the groins, in your back and somewhere under the ribs. Another consequence that comes out from this issue is a very frequent urination, with strong odor and strange color.


Sickness can also be a problem for the victims of kidney stones. The stones are the reason for a strong pain that is caused when they pass through.

If you are taking medicines for removing the pain and breaking down the kidney stones, and they don’t work, we suggest you try a 300 years old natural remedy that contains just 2 components.

Lemon juice and olive oil, are some of the most commonly used ingredients in every kitchen, and they are the ones that you are going to use for this purpose.

Firstly squeeze a lemon and take 0,25 ml from the lemon juice in order to mix it with the same amount of olive oil. Consume the mixture and then just drink a few glasses of water.

This natural remedy should be taken not only once a day, but 3 times. Drink it every day until the stones are eliminated from the kidneys. If the stones are not very big and problematic you will achieve removing them in only 3 days.

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