There is a fruit which can kill the malignant cells of 12 types of cancer and the fruit’s name is graviola. Some medias say that this fruit does not have to power to kill the cancer cells, but there are opposite claims which are saying that this fruit has strong anti cancer effects.

Some studies proved that graviola is highly effective in reducing the tumorigenicity. It was also proven in another study that graviola extract is 10000 times more  effective in removing the colon cancer than Adriamycin( a drug used as a part of chemotherapy). In comparison to chemotherapy, graviola is better in a sense that it kills the cancer cells without doing bad to the healthy ones.


In a study for breast cancer was shown that graviola has the power to stop the growth of breast cancer cells. When the question is what about cervical cancer, graviola fruit has shown great effects in this field also.

It is suprisingly that the extraordinary effect of this fruit don’t stop here. The mentioned ones are some of the most important diseases that graviola can fight with success. The key lies in the acetogenins which are components that inhibit the NADH oxidase of the cancer cells plasma membranes and stop cancer growth. Beside this component, there are couple more that are helping the battle against cancer such as: xylopine, isolaureline, anomurine, kaempferol,  and annonamine.