Detoxifying your organism with fruits doesn’t implies only putting fruits in your mouth whenever it comes to your mind. The intake of fruits is very important for the body, but what is also important is the time we eat the fruit. Take for example one slice of bread and one slice of fruit. If you consume the bread before the fruit, you will prevent the fruit go directly in the intestines.

Completely the opposite, you will accomplish very negative effects. The bread and the fruit rots and ferments and then turns to acid.


That moment in which the food consumed right after you had your meal, the food begins to spoil because it comes in contact with the other food and the digestive juices. That is when the whole mass starts to spoil.

The reason why you should take your fruit on an empty stomach if you want your body to enjoy the benefits from it, it’s very obvious after you read this.

Some things like bloating of the stomach, nausea, stomach ache won’t happen if you listen to our advices. You mustn’t allow the fruit to be mixed with the putrefying of the other food consumed before, so that you avoid gases and bloating which are the first and most often consequences. Gray hairs, dark circles around the eyes, and balding are also some of the issues that can be avoided if you eat fruits the right way.

The fruit that has been cooked, or the fruit drinks that are heated, are things that you should avoid if you want to be healthy and feel the benefits from the fruit, according to specialists.

In a case in which you are cooking the fruits, you are destroying all the vitamins and other nutrients that are part of the fruit. It’s also recommended to eat the fruit instead of drinking the juice from it.

If you are decided to detoxify your body and make a full cleanse, you can start a 3 day fruit diet. For the time of 3 days you should drink fresh juices and eat only fruits. After these days, which honestly said are small period of time, you will be delighted when you see how much better and fresher you look and feel.