Do you know that there are different levels of normal bloods pressure for different age, so if you think that the pressure is too high it might be normal, or the opposite. It’s a hell of a problem, so you must know the exact level of normal blood pressure, in  order to react when it’s necessary.  If you leave hypertension untreated for example you may face serious health consequences.

Some of the most frequent signs of high blood pressure are blur vision, nausea, dizziness, or brief breaths. What is sure is that you might experience these symptoms when your high blood pressure is already too high, so be careful and do the checking regularly.

Some health issues that might be a result from high blood pressure are memory loss, kidney issues, atherosclerosis and so on.  There are many factors that contribute to this condition and some of them are age, genes, smoking, stress, physical activity and others. If you are not sure what is the normal blood pressure according to your age, it the best to read the following instructions that will teach you when there is a room for panic and when you should be worried because your blood pressure doesn’t match your years. Just take a look at the number bellow and find your age:


Younger than 20- 123/76

From 20 to 30- 126/79

From 30 to 40- 129/81

From 40 to 50-135/83

From 50 to 60- 142/85

Over 70-142/80


Younger than 20- 116/72

From 20 to 30- 120/75

From 30 to 40-137/84

From 40 to 50- 137/84

From 50 to 60-144/85

Over 70-159/85