In this article will tell you how to take care of the skin on your feet , its health and appearance. If you think that you have been neglecting your feet, don’t do that anymore, because they are very important part of your whole appearance, especially when you wear sandals.

The health care trick that you should imply on your feet is very simple. Actually, we will suggest you 2 tricks and you will chose the one that you like better.

With both of them your feet will be bright and your skin glowing, and you can use them also for your hands.

Remedy 1

For this you will need:

– Sugar
– Lemon juice

Mix them and scrub the mixture on your feet with circular motions. The proportions of the ingredients are 1 tbsp of sugar and 4 tbsp of lemon juice. If you think you need more, just make some more.

You should leave the remedy on your feet for 5 minutes and at the end rinse it with warm water.

Remedy 2

You will need:

– 4 spoon sugar
– 1 spoon baking soda
– 1 spoon coconut oil
– 2 tbsp honey

It’s the same procedure as above, you will only need more ingredients compared to the previous recipe which includes only 2.

However, both of the recipes will give you impressive results, so check out which ingredients you have at home and prepare yourself an incredible feet refreshment.