You may have heard about ideal weight according to your body shape, age and height, but you don’t know what is yours. It is important to know the real number if you want to be healthy  and improve your health condition. Here is shown the best way for calculating your body mass index using BMI calculator.

If you can’t calculate your ideal weight by yourself, just look at the chart below.

It’s highly important for your health to make a difference between  the weight you are dreaming of and always desired and your ideal weight on the other side.

Look at it, and make your own plan and organization according to it!

The chart below is not suitable for children under 18 years. It’s recommended only for adult women and men.

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

The thing is that, calculating your ideal weight is not as simple as it looks. It includes considering the amount of fat in our bodies. The BMI index is the best way for finding out the percentage of fat in your body. With this index you may not get the exact measure, but a close number to the exact number. If your BMI number is higher than 24.9, most probably you have some extra kilos.

In the following chart created by nutritionists and other professionals  you will see your ideal body weight. This chart doesn’t promote unhealthy choices and lifestyle, only your optimal weight in which your body feels most healthy and comfortable.

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