The lifestyle we lead in today’s world, is actually a pretty unhealthy one, and this kind of living is destroying the well being of our organism. Stress, pollution, and poor diet are the things that affect our health on long stage, so it’s important to take awareness of the consequences we might suffer. Those that were put in the title are just a part of the whole range of diseases and conditions that might happen.


Preserving your health is a hard thing to do nowadays, and you sure feel that you need an expert help to do that efficiently.

A natural method is always the best when it comes to this, and we will recommend you one that has proven to be great for your overall health, and treating issues like dizziness, fibromyalgia, lupus, fatigue, arthritis, chronic and thyroid issues and others. It’s a thyme based natural remedy that will do wonders with your health condition like it did with the one of everyone who has tried it.


  • A handful of fresh or dried thyme
  • 1 cup of water


You should boil one cup of water and add thyme when the water is boiled. Then you should turn off the heat, and let some minutes pass so that the mixture cools down. Next, you  should strain the liquid and add honey. This tea is extraordinary for cleansing your body, and acts like the perfect substitute for many medicines people take every day in order to preserve their health.

This thyme tea should be consumes before breakfast hours. It will make you feel good in your skin, and will prevent eventual health problems to happen, or it will help you deal easier with the actual ones.