Mango seeds should never be thrown because of the many benefits and positive effects they have  on your health. Because of that, after eating a mango, remember not to throw them, but use their health properties.

Here is how to use the seeds and make more of this extraordinary healthy fruit.


First thing you should do is to buy a ripe mango. After you eat the mango, don’t throw the seeds, but let them dry naturally.

With the help of scissors open the kernel and remove the seed.

Take a knife and remove the brown surface of the seed very carefully and gently. You must not rush and pay a lot of attention so that you avoid scratching the seed.

Next thing is to put the seed in water, and change the water every day for 4 days.

After that put a moist potting soil in a pot and put the seed in it. The roots should be in the soil and part of the seed should be visible. Put gravel above and water  the plant.

Put the pot on a place that is sun lighted and wait 2 days.

In only a week your plant will be 10 to 18 cm tall, and after 3 weeks approximately, the plant will develop green leaves.