Losing hair is a process that usually comes with age, or some drastic changes in your diet, stresses or even serious illnesses. If you are not suffering from any serious disease, but you are still losing hair, and you are fed up with finding your hairs everywhere around your apartment, than this is a great place to be for you.


Here we will show you an Ayurvedic cure for hair fall, that is highly effective.

You will mix same amounts of castor oil and coconut oil, in order to obtain the mixture that is one of the best cures for baldness.

Just mixing the oils will be enough to get the remedy and be over with the preparation.

Application: Take from the blend with your fingers and rub it on your scalp very well. Take a rest for an hour after the first application and then apply it again, but now continue applying down your hair. Let the mixture from the oils stay for one more hour on your hair and in the end wash it with shikakai or reetha powder.

You should repeat this process 2 times a week, because this kind of use brings the best results. You can use it up to 3 times, but don’t exaggerate so you don’t make your hair too greasy.

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