The last couple of years many researches were conducted and it was discovered that there is a connection between light from mobile screen and death of human’s retinal cells. It has been proven that green light may be a cause for death of these cells and significantly affect human vision. What we are saying is that when you use your mobile in dim light condition for a long period of time, electron beam shine directly into our eye, which will make conjunctival become prolonged dry, and the final result may be fatal –  eye cancer and blindness.


40-year-old man finally decided to visit an eye specialist when he  couldn’t see clearly and his albumen turned red because of serious injuries. The specialist discovered that his eye injury is a consequence of use of mobile phone about half an hour in the dark before going to sleep. This kind of use made his macular’s eye degraded, lead to impaired vision and signs of eye cancer.

There is nothing doctors can do about this man because replacing retina is an extremely difficult surgery for this level of medicine development. But you are still of time and if you love your life get rid of your phone in dim light condition, relax and dream.