Bananas are delicious tropical fruit, that is consumed worldwide, thanks to the fact that they are very tasty and also rich in different kind of nutrients. They are powerful enough to destroy many harmful substances in your body, and feed your body with everything positive.  They have some pretty interesting purposes that we’ll tell you about.


  1. If you eat 2 bananas before going to the gym, you will have the required energy to go through a hour and a half training session.
  2. Surprisingly they can treat depression and mood issues, due to the protein-tryptophan which converts into serotonin in the body.
  3. You can also consume bananas because of their power to balance the blood glucose level. This purpose is due to the presence of vitamin B6 in bananas.
  4. Also because of the that same vitamin bananas are able to reduce stress that attacks you in these intense times.
  5. Bananas are very efficient in reducing high blood pressure, and preventing stroke.
  6. Using them for treating sunburns is another great thing about them.
  7. They can increase your focus and attention, and that is the main reason why people are consuming them while studying.
  8. If you have been drinking, eat banana when you come back home, so that you avoid the hangover.
  9. One last thing we want to add about the health properties of bananas includes their peel which is also useful. You can promote healing of mosquito bites or any itching that you have on the skin just by rubbing a banana peel on the affected place.

The conclusion is that you should eat bananas not only if you have some of the above mentioned problems, but also if you don’t have any health problem, because they can prevent many of them to happen.