This article is about to explain you how important is for all of us to eat our food slow without rushing in order to have healthy not overweight body.

It’s highly recommended to chew your food well before swallowing it. You should wait at least 30 seconds between bites and you should teach your children this as well in order to prevent obesity.


Long meals make you thinner because enable you to sense you are no longer hungry before you overeat. It’s very important for you to eat the right amount of food and not to mention the meaning of proper healthy habits for your child.

This was proven by a group of bioengineers which made a study with two groups of people. The first group had to eat in the way described above and the second group to eat fast their meals for six months not obeying this rules.

After the testing period the results were the following:

  • The people in the first group decreased down their weight to 5.6 %.
  • The weight of the people in the second group increased up to 5.8 %.

The conclusion is that in order to stay slim and avoid obesity it is not enough to eat healthy food but you also have to eat the food the right way and for the right time.