You must know when to stop eating some ingredients from your kitchen that you  and your family use daily. It’s sad but it’s true that we consume many ingredients that put in danger our wellbeing, and we do that on daily basis. So, if you want to stay away from those kitchen products, you should read the article we are presenting you.



If you leave potatoes in the kitchen and don’t eat them for a longer period of time, the possibility of developing sprouts are big. Sprouts contain glycoalkaloids, which are chemicals that can be the main cause for diarrhea, and even coma and death. This is why you must never eat potatoes with sprouts on them, and you must throw them immediately if you notice that sprouts are appearing.


Because of the fact that tuna absorbs mercury, that can harm the brain, children in particular must avoid tuna.


These leaves have oxalic acid. The oxalic acid has the power to trigger the appearance of kidney stones. Around 5 kg of the leaves of this plant can cause some fatal consequences. So we recommend you avoid it even in small amounts.


As you might know there are 2 types of almonds, and one of those types is the bitter one. These almonds contain higher amount of hydrogen cyanide. From 7 to 10 of these almonds can cause terrible consequences when it comes to children. This doesn’t exclude the possibility for a grown up to get some health issue thanks to them.