Bloated stomach doesn’t always appear when you are overeaten, sometimes the reason for the bloating is another thing, still connected to food. Gluten is one possible reason for the bloating of your stomach. This substance is usually a component in wheat, rye, or barley.

What we want to say is that, if your stomach is bloated, different reasons can be the cause for that, and not only eating too much.


If you are having a bloated stomach avoid food that has gluten as ingredient. Oats should also be avoided, although they don’t contain gluten. Actually oats have contact with the grains in the process of manufacturing.

For example in the case of celiac disease, when you consume gluten, your body reacts and activate the immune response and everything results in harming the small intestine, and by that getting diarrhea, bloating and similar.

What is the solution of this problem?

Well, if you want to help yourself and get rid of the bloating, you must remove gluten from your diet regimen for 1 week, so that you can see if there are going to be any changes or not.

If it happens that you solve the problem, and you don’t notice bloating during that week, it’s obvious that gluten was the problem. Many people experience allergic reactions to gluten, and especially people with excess weight. On the other hand, if your issue with bloating is still there, it means that gluten was not the cause of the problem and you should go to a doctor.

You will probably have to do some tests, in order to see on which food are you intolerant.