Do you have a favorite sleeping position? Do you like more sleeping on your stomach, back or on side? Most of the people do not know that you sleeping position has an important role in the overall health. The position you are sleeping has the biggest influence on the digestive system. In a case you didn’t know about the meaning of the position in which you sleep, you are probably here because you want to find out how you should sleep so that you get the full rest from the sleep you get especially at  night.


The Ayurvedic medicine is a representative of this view which points  sleeping on the left side of the body. There are many reasons why you should sleep on the left side of your body and some of them are:

  • improves digestion
  • promotes blood flow to the heart
  • contributes to the healthy function of the spleen
  • aids the heart to send the blood down
  • improves elimination of dangerous substances
  • supports lymphatic drainage
  • contributes to a freer bile flow

Just try to sleep on the left side of your body  and feel the difference that this sleeping habit will reflect on your overall health, and share this old Ayurvedic method with your family and friends, so that they also can feel the effects from this little sleeping trick.

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