This article is intended for those who have some scar on their body, or stretch that they really hate. Here is written all you will need to heal them on a natural, but jet easy way.

You will need some kitchen ingredients, that are cheap and you might already have them in your home.

  1. Egg white

With the help of egg white you can avoid getting a scar from a burn, and also heal one that is already there.


2.  Honey

Honey is another natural remedy for scars and stretches, and with its help the healing time is reduced to minimum.

3.  Raw potato

Thanks to the ingredients like sulfur, phosphorus, potassium in raw potato, this food is excellent home remedy for issues like scars.


The treatment with the above mentioned, includes applying the egg white on the scar always before you go to bed.  In addition to this, when you get up, make a remedy from grated potato and honey. This remedy should also be applied on the scar.

Do the things included in the treatment every day, until you eliminate the scars and some other  imperfections from your skin.