Bees are very important and have a huge influence on the food we eat, so this is why nowadays they have become one very important topic to talk about. Thanks to all the pesticides we use, the climate changes, researches showed that the rate of disappearing beehives is increasing.

Eating organic is very important, but unfortunately not many people get that and only some of the beekeepers produce organic honey.

A guy’s famous homemade beehive has become pretty popular on the web and because it’s very simple to be made and can save the bees, we recommend you read the text bellow.

This is all you need:

  • a previously made bottom beehive kit,
  • some jars for the main beehive
  • 12 big mouth quart-sized jars for the honeycomb;
  • plywood
  • one piece of 2″ x 12″ x 6′ wood (cut two pieces to 22″ each for the sides);
  • one piece of 2″ x 12″ x 6′ wood (cut two pieces to 18″ each for the front and back);
  • one piece of 1″ x 1″ x 6′ wood (cut two pieces to 22″ each for the top frame’s left and right sides);
  • one piece of 1″ x 1″ x 6′ wood (cut two pieces to 18″ each for the top frame’s front and back sides);
  • a piece of thick plywood cut to 16″ x 20″;
  • one box of 1″ wood screws;
  • one can of any dark wood stain.

You can stain the plywood as you like, as it will serve as a frame for the beehive kit. Then, drill 12 holes into the 16″ x 20″ piece of plywood which should be big enough to screw the mason jars into.

The next thing would be to screw the 4 pieces of 18″ and 22″ plywood together in order to make the frame. If you wish you can stain it with a color that you like.

Then, you will have to sanitize the 12 mason jars and then twist them upside-down into the holes.  Add washers or shims in the jars to aid the weight of the honey. Continue by closing the jars and put them into the drilled holes. The jars should fit completely,  with less than a 1/16″ gap in between.

When you are done with the previous steps, place starter strips or empty combs(your wish) inside the jars and add the bees.

The comb will attract the bees, and the honey-making process will begin.

What you should also know is what to do when the jars are full of honey. Just twist the lids on so that you help the bees continue their work, and meanwhile you harvest the honey. With the lids on, due to the lack of ventilation, the jars will quickly heat up, so this is why you should keep them in shadow.

Thanks to this method you will have your honey supply constantly.