If you know all the health benefits of lemon you will definitely want to have them in endless amount that will never dry out. They are extremely rich with vitamin C and they are something that you must consume if you want to enhance your well being. It’s a must have in every home because it can help you in endless cases connected with your health condition.

What we want to say is that you will most likely chose the best option if you have them in your home for free and eat them whenever you want.


In this article we will explain you how to grown your own organic lemons very simple so that you do that and have them always in your home. If you want to try it and grown your own lemon tree from seed easily, you should only provide one ingredient: some lemon seeds.

We suggest you take the lemons from a seller that you trust and you know that he is selling organic lemons.

These are the instructions for growing your own lemon tree, so read them carefully.

Take the seeds out from the lemon with your fingers or a knife but without stabbing them. You will need them whole. When you do that, wash off the pulp that is stuck on them.

With the help of your nails split the seeds on half, and plant them in a pot. Next thing is to water the soil and put a paper towel on the top of the soil in order to keep the soil moisturized.

When the plant is big enough and the pot is small for it to grow there, you can transfer it into your garden or some really big pot.