The amount of people who sometimes in their life had a problem with urinary infection is big, and these people know that it’s an infection that cause pain and is difficult to treat. The most usual symptom is burning sensation while peeing or itching in the intimate parts.

So if you want to get rid of this infection easy and in a natural way, you can use a simple solution that showed to be truly amazing in dealing with this health issue, due to the natural powers it has.

The solution is actually a tea from parsley and it’s very drinkable, and because of that the consumption won’t be a problem for you.

The ingredients that you need for the tea are of course:

– Minced fresh parsley (four teaspoons)
– Water (four cups)

The four cups of water should be warmed up to a boiling point, preferably in a pot. Then you should pour over the parsley, and cover the pot with a lid. By the time of 20 minutes the lid should stay on the pot and then you can strain the tea, and when it has cooled down a bit you can drink it.

Consume the parsley tea throughout the whole day, and after one or two weeks go to your doctor to see if the infection is destroyed.