A very certain fact that every woman should know about is that she can treat yeast infection with the help of a natural remedy, an amazing vegetable called garlic. It’s very coward infection because it may not give any signs at the beginning. You just may get itchiness and then the lumpy vaginal discharge.

It’s very logical that if you notice the symptoms early you will be able to provide yourself more efficient treatment. One very effective treatment for yeast infection includes garlic. The treatment requires you to peel the garlic clove before sleeping, cut it and put it in your vagina. You should go to sleep with the garlic inside and take it off after you wake up.

This treatment of yeast infection showed to be very successful among women when they did it repeatedly for few nights in a row. It’s important to notice the symptoms early, because only then this treatment will give positive results.

If the infection has developed and is in advanced stage, you should do some additional things. Visit your doctor and ask for advice. You can still do the garlic thing, but previously remove the discharge with a dry tissue and then cut a garlic clove and put it into your vagina. It’s the best not to take a shower while you have this infection because water can worsen your condition. We still think that you should ask your doctor for additional advices.

Why garlic is excellent for treating yeast infection?

The reason is because it’s great anti-bacterial agent and although it can “burn” the healthy skin, your skin is already inflamed so the garlic will cure the infection and the skin will be left to repair the damage. It’ has been proven throughout a lot of studies that garlic has the power to heal yeast infection thanks to the amazing healing powers it has.

It’s recommended to sew a string into the cut garlic clove before you put it in your vagina, so that you can remove it easily in the morning without problems.

In a case in which you feel the smell of garlic in your mouth, you have most probably not removed the garlic from the vagina.