Most of the eggs we eat or all of them have an origin that is completely unknown for us, and this is totally wrong. The importance of knowing the origin of the egg has a big influence on your health, especially if you are a person who consume eggs very often.

It’s very sad that nowadays you can rarely find eggs that come from a healthy chicken.

Because of the simple conclusion that healthy chicken means healthy egg, you need to know some fact very important for your nutrition if it includes eggs.

Firstly, you should know that the healthy eggs are richer in Omega-3.

The chickens are omnivores, it means they eat insects not only plants. The color of the egg is darker(more yellow)and the yellow part is thicker  when chickens eat more insects and plants. The chickens that eat good food also produce eggs with thicker shelves. That means that the color of the egg is influenced by the kind of food chickens consume, natural food or synthetic formulas.

In a case in which the chicken eat yellow corn, green plants, and other plants that have the xanthophyll pigment, the eggs of that chicken will be in darker yellow color.

On the other hand if the chicken is being fed with wheat, she will give lighter yellow eggs.

So, if you want to eat healthier, you must watch out of the color of the egg. Try to chose darker yellow eggs, because that way you will be more sure that the egg come from a chicken that is eating natural food, and not some food filled with chemicals.

In order to preserve your health even more , you can buy eggs from farmers about which you know that they are not feeding their chickens unhealthy, but only with natural products.