You know how hard it was to hear from your friends and relatives that live far away in a foreign country, and nowadays that is not even a problem. It’s very simple to call someone located on the other side of the planet, only if you know a bit about internet and social networks. Mobile phones are inseparable part  in most of the people’s life and they have even become a necessity.


Put all the good things aside and just think is that everything that these electronic devices bring, do they only bring positive things?

Some experts claim that if you use mobile devices before you go to sleep, with the lights in your bedroom turned off, you are putting your eyes and vision in danger. Scrolling down your social network profiles in bed is a common habit, but not everyone knows how dangerous it might be.

A study conducted by experts included women between 22 and 45 and they were having slight or constant blindness. All of them were experiencing blindness issue thanks to the excessive use of mobile phones in darkness.

What we want to say is that you must exclude this horrible habit of yours, and if you want to know why does that happens, here is a simple explanation.

Your eye is accustomed to the darkness in the room before sleeping. What happens when you turn on your phone in a dark room is that one of your eyes processes the absence of light and the other eye the excess light. This leads to brain confusion and temporary blindness. The worst thing is that this doesn’t mean  that the blindness will remain temporary, because it can be permanent.

The advice that all experts give is to use the phone with the lights on, and if you think that you will need more time on your phone, it’s better not to rush and turn off the light and then continue the activity on your phone. You should turn off the light in your room when you are done with using your phone and go to sleep.