You must be tired to see the same or even worse results whenever you go to do some check-ups about your cholesterol level or blood sugar level. Another issue that comes with high cholesterol level or blood sugar level is excess fat. That is why you should read this article and learn about a breakfast that will melt the fat and reduce the cholesterol and blood sugar level.

You must hold on to the breakfast we will tell you about because if you do, results will be visible in the first month.

It’s widely known that breakfast is an important meal and you must take it so that your body gets all the needed nutrients to start the day. So, this breakfast will be filled with the right nutrients that will energize and feed your body.

If you didn’t know chia seeds are rich with calcium, omega 3 and fatty acids. They are a mighty antioxidant and are highly recommended for people with arthritis.

Another ingredient is the oatmeal with is full with fiber, protein and minerals. It has also the power to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and make better your heart health.


  1. 550 ml of milk or water (your choice)
  2. A tsp of cinnamon powder
  3. Some lemon juice
  4. 50 ml of chia seed
  5. 250 ml of oats


Mix them all very well so that you get a mixture.

Then you should boil the mixture, and consume it while it’s still warm.