The opinions are spilt, someone think it’s healthier green banana and other ripe banana.

In this article we’ll see the both sides of the story.

Many nutritionists believe that the more dark spots a banana has, the more healthier it is and more prevalent its anti-cancerous properties are.


Researchers has found that a ripe banana contains a very high concentration of fiber, vitamin C, B, potassium, and many antioxidants. It’s also proven that eating ripe bananas is easier for your system to digest.

If you have a big amount of ripe bananas you can keep them in your fridge in order to prevent them go bad and preserve their nutrients.

On the other hand green bananas has qualities on it’s own. It has significantly lower amount of sugar. Although they may cause bloating, green bananas are perfect choice and solution for those who have type 2 diabetes. Green bananas will make you feel full faster than the ripe ones.

So now when you know the both sides of the story choose banana which suits you the best!