There are some researchers and specialist that claim and guarantee the existence of a fruit that is 10000 times better and more effective than chemotherapy. The name of this fruit is guanabana or soursop. The fruit really exist and there were a lot of studies on the fruit as the main object. Many of them had the same conclusion, that the fruit is a sworn enemy of cancer.


Why this fruit is important for the health?

The name of the fruit is guanabana, and is actually an extraordinary fruit that comes from a tree in South America. The fruits of the tree are sweet and pretty big. People are using it for juices, smoothies, and pastry. The unbelievable cancer fighting properties are the thing that  make this fruit so special and different from many others we commonly use and hear about every day.

It’s been a main claim by the experts that the guanabana fruit has strong antibiotis properties which are strong and can kill the fungi and parasites. In a big amount of cases this fruit has shown to be stress reliever and depression.

Over 20 studies were made on this topic and showed that this fruit can take an important part in your battle with cancer. It’s shown that has healing effects when it comes to 12 types of cancer. Breast, colon and prostate cancer are only some of the illnesses that are under the effects of this amazing fruit, that acts on their condition and improves it.