Drinking water throughout the day is from crucial importance for your health. Sometimes the thirst appears during the night, and that is why some people leave glass of water next to their bed in case they wake up thirsty. You won’t like what we have to say about this habit, if you are one of those people. Health experts don’t recommend leaving glass of water and drinking it the next morning.

Just the opposite of food, tap water is prone to pollution by microorganisms. You can notice this pollution from the strange taste that the water has the next morning. What happens to the water that is left overnight beside your bed is the following: the water binds with the air and take in some carbon dioxide, and some of it converts into carboxylic acids.

Once these carboxylic acids release a few protons, they convert into a carbonate or bicarbonate, thus changing the pH value of this water, which in turn affects the water taste.

You might not understand the whole process, but the only thing important for you to know is that you shouldn’t be drinking the glass of water that was staying all night next to you. Only imagine that the water is filled with microorganisms, and huge amount of dust.

If you feel thirsty, go and fill fresh tap water and your organism will be delighted.