There are combinations of food that you might consider health bombs and you think they are something that you should hold on to, so that you stay healthy. The problem is that you think wrong, well not about every combination but for some of them. Some food combination can lead to damaging your well being and you should definitely avoid them. They are the following ones:


Banana and pudding – If you decide to eat this combination you should know that it will be pretty hard for digesting and will stimulate toxin production. That can result in some serious consequences when it comes to children.

Carrots and oranges Acid reflux and heartburn are shown to be the bad side effects from the carrots and oranges combination. We guess it’s not so healthy when you can experience these effects, so eat them separately.

 Milk and pineapple  If you mix pineapple with some milk it’s possible that you have stomach pain, diarrhea and infections thanks to the bromelain in the pineapple that causes problems when mixed with milk.

Lemon and papaya  You can become a victim of anemia and hemoglobin imbalance, and that is the reason why is strongly not recommended for kids.

Banana and guava When they are consumed together they can cause acidosis and excess gasses.

Milk and orange  Don’t add orange juice in your cereal ever again. If you mix orange with milk your organism won’t be able to process the starch.