If you are trying to lose weight and you are too lazy to exercise or you have tried every diet and nothing ever worked for you, then you must try our recipe presented in here which is one of the best and most effective in the fat burning field. It’s important to consume the fat burner before breakfast that should be light, if you are really decided to burn the extra kilos that you have.


You should use it at least for a month to see some visible results. The drink will keep you feed and energized for long hours. It contains 2 g of fiber and 53 calories per serving.

You must have heard that the apple cider vinegar is a well known for its power to reduce the appetite and burn fat, but of course you should chose organic apple cider vinegar.


–        a cup of ACV

–        a cup of grapefruit juice

You only have to make a mixture between these two ingredients.

Why This Beverage Works?

The presence of vitamin C in this famous fat burning drink is large, and  this vitamin is really helpful in the process of losing weight. It has been shown that the vitamin C beside all the benefits that brings for our health is also great in burning fats faster than others vitamins.

Also the presence of acetic acid is the one that stimulate the genes that are producing proteins which are aiming the fats.

The nutritionist and the people who are satisfied with this amazing drink recommend consuming it 2 times daily before your meals.

You can keep the drink for 2 days the most.

After some time of using it you will be thrilled with the results that you are seeing and you will enjoy wearing your favorite clothes.