If you are deciding whether you should shave your public hair or just trim it a bit, this is always the healthier option and your best choice if you want to avoid some pretty bad consequences for your health.


  1. Firstly, when you shave your public hair, you must take awareness of the high risk of infections. Your public hair is not there for decoration, but it has a purpose and a meaningful one. It protects your private area from infections and bacteria.
  2. Some people are convinced that if they shave the public hair, their partner will enjoy more in bed and the feeling will be much better. On the other hand there are studies that show how the public hair doesn’t play a role in the enjoying in sex part.
  3. You also must know that you will stay protected from herpes on your private areas if you keep your public hair on its place. The public hair together with condoms is a great protection against genital warts and herpes.
  4. The chances of getting a horrible rash after shaving are huge, so that is one more reason to avoid it. These rashes can last for days and if you have sensitive skin you can even harm yourself on the most gentle part of your body and it can be painful.

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