Because the farms sprayed insecticides on the GMO crops, about 37 million bees dies at one farm.

We all know that bees are very important because the pollinate 1/6 of all the flowering plants in the world and that way they have importance for humans.

That is why bees mustn’t be underestimated.

In 2014 the bees helped provide $19 billion worth of agricultural crops for the world. They provide over $300 billion in revenue.


Despite the meaning of the bees and their contribution to agriculture, companies doesn’t care about their conservation. The reason why they are acting like that are the  money.

Neonics, which are chemically similar to nicotine, are used to deter and kill insects that may ruin crop yields and they are very effective in killing local bee populations.

A honey-producer in Canada, claimed that his farm lost 37 million bees. This happened because a farm near his farm began planting GMO corn and spraying neonics on their crops.

Nathan Carey, farmer in Ontario, Canada, said that the bees that should help his crop grow are not enough, and there and are much less than the years before. He also claimed that this is a result of the He believes that this is the result of insecticides being used in a neighboring farm.


Despite the fact that neonics have been banned in Europe, the USDA  to allow the insecticide to kill our bees, although they are extremely important for all of us. Without them the world could starve.