If you wish for healthy life and life free of diseases like cholesterol and obesity you should start practicing a healthy diet. Eating healthy food on daily basis is the essential thing that will free you from the high cholesterol level, and one very effective food for this purpose is garlic. This food can boost your immune system and also improve the work of your organism.

We will present you a remedy that includes garlic which is good almost for everyone’s health. You will need to combine the garlic with one more ingredient, and if you want to know the perfect combination that will improve your health and help you look better, just read the instructions we gave you bellow:

Garlic portion drink:

You need these ingredients:

-1/2 liter of red wine;
-12 cloves of peeled garlic.

Here is what you will need to do:

Firstly, cut the garlic cloves and put the pieces in a jar with the vine. Secondly, close the jar and let it stay for 2 weeks on sunny place, somewhere like near the window. Shake it every day and after 14 days you can start with the consumation. Just pour the liquid in a bottle before using the remedy, because the liquid is what you will need form the mixture. You need to take 1 tbsp.  for 3 times a day, for a period of one month.  Then you will need to take a break of 5-6 months.

The benefits of the garlic portion drink:

-it boosts energy levels;
-it is effective in fat burning;
-it is effective in the cases with inflammatory diseases;
-it improves your metabolism;
-it increases stamina;
-it can purify the blood;
-it will eliminate toxins from your body;
-it will reduce cholesterol levels;
-it will keep your blood vessels and heart healthy.