The importance of plants for our survival is unique because we can’t survive without the oxygen they give us. The process in which they do that is known as photosynthesis and is happening during daylight. What you might have not known is that there are plants that are empowered to do this process even during the night, and beside releasing oxygen they can eliminate chemicals, bio-effluents  and airborne microbes. This is the reason why you should keep at home some of those plants and have them even in your bedroom.


The reason why we recommend this is because they can uptake the carbon dioxide overnight, and make your air pure. The quality of the air can affect your sleep and your health life.

3 Plants that generate oxygen even an night

Snake plant

The name of the plant is snake plant and this is the first plant that you should put in your bedroom. It has the power to transform CO2 during the day into oxygen during the night. It will also filter benzene, xylene, toulene and trichloroethylene from the air and make the air indoors much more clean and easier to breathe.

Spider plant

The second plant name is Chlorophytum comosum  but people know it as the spider plant. It’s one of the biggest air purifiers because it can kill even 90% of cancer causing chemical formaldehyde. Don’t be afraid by the name, because the plant doesn’t attract spiders, and other insects, and it does only good to your wellbeing and home health. It’s safe and it can effectively remove benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. This plant can also beat the insomnia that you have been struggling with.

Ficus tree

The last but not the least tree is the Ficus. It’s a plant well known and present in many houses. It’s specific because it releases oxygen during the night and it’s the biggest guilty of air purification. It will also promote better and calmer sleep.