We know a little about the food we eat every day, and this is the main reason why we consume food that is not good for us. Sometimes although we know what kind of food we eat, the low quality and bad effect on our health, we eat it because we don’t care.

There is a huge problem about which we should deffinitely care about because it can bring many diseases and this problem is excess weight.

It’s an issue that concerns a great number of people and despite what many of them think, strict diet is not a must. There is a diet that will help you lose the extra pounds stick on your body, and you should combine it with healthy  nutrition . The name of the diet is Danish diet. In addition to weight loss, another thing that this diet will acomplish is to prevent further weight gain and improved metabolism.

People lost from 15 to 40 pounds thanks to this amazing diet plan. The diet plan is based on healthy foods that won’t starve you, but it might happen that you experience mineral and vitamin deficiency.

If you doubt whether you should try the diet or not, consult your nutritionist and he will give you the best advice if you should change something about the diet or not.

If you are chocolate lover, or beer and wine lover, you won’t like what we have to tell you. Both of them are strictly forbiden.

The diet is low calorie and this is why you should follow it 2 weeks the most, and then take a break for year and a half.

You may supplement salmon, beef, or lamb with 250 grams of chicken breasts.

Never use salt during this diet, but only oregano, garlic and similar.

When you finish the diet, we warmly advice you to eat light food in order to avoid gaining the weight you lost.

Do not exercise too much because of the low intake of calories.

Here is the diet plan that you should follow.